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Last Updated: 10 Jun 2015

ESP Timelines — Events in Context

Comparative Timeline

The ESP Timeline has long been one of the site's most popular features. Now the Timeline has been completely updated to provide much more content (many different timelines are now available) and to give the user more control over the timeline display.

The original ESP timeline provided context by comparing events in the history of genetics with a variety of historical events.

Now there are ESP timelines dealing with events in the history of genetics, with world history, with arts and literature, with milestones in technological innovation, and others. The links below allow you to choose a starting point from which to explore Events in Context.

Genetics in Context

The original ESP Timeline displayed Genetics in Context, starting in the 1860s — the decade in which modern genetics was born with the work of Gregor Mendel:

Other Comparative Timelines

Here are some examples of other timelines that are available. On any page, the Timeline Controls (right column) can be used to change the time period and the subject matter of the left and right columns.
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The new, dynamic Timeline from the Electronic Scholarly Publishing Project gives users have more control over the timeline display.

We seek your suggestions for timeline content, both for individual events and for entire subjects.

To submit a correction or a recommendation or to propose new Timeline content (or to volunteer as a Timeline Editor), click HERE .

The Electronic Scholarly Publishing Project needs help: with acquiring content, with writing, with editing, with graphic production, and with financial support.

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